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August 10, 2014
Wisconsin - WI
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My name is Radar. I am a Border Collie of nearly 6 years old. Oh, how I love balls! Anyone who is willing to throw one, is my friend forever. Of course, my real work is herding sheep but my owners didn't have sheep. Just kids who didn't want to be herded! Too bad! But balls were fun also. I actually play soccer with the ball, both as goalie and dribbler. However, I have a problem. My owners are going to move to New Zealand. They would love to take me along but, woof, it cost too much to do this. The Kiwis are quite picky and they have long quarantine plus a terrible long journey in a cage of a roaring airplane. Woof! I think I rather not go through that. That's why I need a new home. A home where there are kids to love and to be loved by. In WI I am mostly outside except when it gets really too cold. And, woof, it gets cold out here! But I am well behaved in the home also and never cross the invisible fence unless my master says 'free.' What a joy to run over that invisible fence and go for a walk with my master or one of the family members!
Guess what? My parents were famous, well, you know what I mean. They have papers and so I also have papers. My granddad even managed to be a champion somewhere. My mom was Derwin Dot. My owners were kind and left me un-fixed. They were planning for me to have some babies but never allowed me after all. I heard them whisper that 'If anyone wants her to be fixed, then we will have it done for them." Woof, woof! I don't like the sounds of that. I feel fine. Why do I need to be fixed? I never will understand humans.
Well, I love to meet you if you would like to adopt me. My owners will gladly answer any e-mail inquiries about me as I simply haven't managed yet to answer emails. Attached are a few photos so you can start admiring me.
Though they think I am invaluable because I have been their best dog ever, they will consider a reasonable offer.


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