Blue Heeler Australian Cattle Dog for Sale in Grand Rapids, Michigan


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Australian Cattle Dog
Grand Rapids
Michigan - MI
Howard is a 9 month old Australian cattle dog (blue heeler color). We adopted him at a flea market. He has been neutered. This dog has boundless energy, more than we can exhaust with as much exercise as we are able to give him. He is very obedient and comes when called. Consistent with his breed, he nips and bites everything that moves. Consistent with his age, he chews everything in sight. He never wanders and is very protective. We believe Howard would do well on some property so he can run off his steam. Howard loves his people; and once he is bonded to you, will be loyal. He is house-trained and stays in his cage when we go places. He is incredibly smart and with training will go far in life. His coloring is amazing. He needs someone able to train him and spend more time with him.


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