Beautiful Young Cockatiel for Sale in Granville, Ohio (Columbus)

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I bought this bird as an emotional companion last year during my junior year of college due to a collection of stressful events that occurred in my life. I love this bird, but due to financial and time reasons, I won't be able to take care and support him as much as he was able to support me. I believe that lil Kev deserves to be given to someone who has the time and resources to take care of him. It was great to have lil Kev, however, due to the hectic schedule as a college student, I have lost time to take care of the bird and believe that it is best to give it to someone who has the time and is looking for an emotional companion to take care of the bird.

I bought this bird for $300, including the cage, food and the accessories, it totaled to $500. This is a large spending amount for a college student, and as a ways to help alleviate my financial means, I am willing to sell this bird with everything, including cage, a 7-rung ladder, food, tropical teasers, and lil Kev for $250.

I am looking for serious inquiries. I am only around 30 minutes away from Columbus, Ohio.
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Hey, I'm interested. If you could contact me, that'd be great. I'm about 45 minutes from Columbus. Was interested in the bird. If possible, contact me! Thank you.
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