Beautiful Fluffy Kittens for Sale in Chehalis, Washington


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Siamese and possibly Persian and Scottish Fold
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Our newly started cat rescue (Feline Fosters) was donated these two kittens at around 6 weeks old. They are 7 weeks now, and have been given a flea bath, wormed, and will get first shots at 8 weeks if we still have them then. They have learned how to use a litter box, how to chase a string, purr instead of hiss at me, are drinking milk, eating soft canned food, but are just starting on dry food.

Powder Puff and Frosty, both females have very soft fur like a chinchilla almost! Very beautiful blue eyes and unique markings, and they look part Persian & Siamese, with slight folds in the ears and stubby short tales. Maybe part Scottish Fold too! They seem a bit dainty to me, and showed NO interest in a mouse my own cat had caught. But that might change with time. They have the Siamese trait of “talking” a lot.

Looking for financially stable adopter who can afford grooming and upkeep of these beautiful babies. $200ea or $350 for pair, will give preference to home taking them together. Plus adoption fee helps us rescue others in need of care.


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