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Standard Poodle
Virginia - VA
Beautiful 13 month old black and white female standard poodle looking for a forever home her name is Siranna she comes with AKC papers and is available for a rehoming fee serious inquiries only please she has not been spayed and has never been bred I was planning on breeding her but never got around to it. She is house trained and cage trained very loving and caring she does great with other animals and kids she adores attention she is kept inside but she could just as well be kept outside she is trained with a shock collar so she knows how far she can go outside without it she loves to run and run but once inside she settles down. You couldn't ask for a better companion then this gorgeous baby she is aware of strangers protecting her owners but once she knows you shes fine. I have always kept her groomed short haired since she was a fluffball puppy once her curls started coming I kept it short. She would be really happy on large land or a farm with other animals she'd love to run free if she could,she is very well behaved she will come if called! She has the most beautiful eyes you ever seen and she knows how to use them,she's very intelligent and catches on quickly I have been working on muzzle training as well because she will let people know shes there if they come to close she could be used as a guard dog being vocal wize that is but she could never hurt a fly shes a big cuddly baby girl I hate to let her go we all love her so very much but I haven't the yard she needs for exercise or play and she deserves that, I planned on getting a big house with a huge yard when I brought her but it will take a year or so to get built so she needs to be rehomed asap I kept her in the crate at night and if gone away from the house but she does wonderful with it she doesn't mind at all. Contact me text or call if need more info rehoming fee $500


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is she still available?


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