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20 month old German Shephard he's up to date on his shots and has been neutered, not registered. i got him when he was 3 months. he had a eating disorder, you could not get around him while he was eating or you would get snapped at. this is my 4th dog I've never had a dog do this. now he is aggressive towards the one who feeds him, me and my 20 month old grandson. thankfully he stays behind a chain link fence.

i got in touch with the ex owner when i first brought him home about his eating he said that he was an alpha dog (now he tells me, if id of known that id of named him alpha). the way i understand about an alpha dog is its the leader of the pack meaning it eats first the others don't eat till its finished.

well that's just great now i have this wild dog who most of the time is loving until you put food in front of him.

I've tried German Shepherd rehoming they won't take him because he nibbles or attempt to bite thru the chain link. WARNING NO CHILDREN CAN BE AROUND THIS DOG.

it's too bad i have to get rid of him he's a beautiful dog. as you can see he is full blooded.

so i'm looking for a place that needs a watch dog for a business? maybe some one who needs to scare critters away?


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