4 Wonderful Husky Pups

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We would like to offer a wonderful litter this season! We have 3 males and 1 female. Currently, they are 2 months old. 2 males and our female are pure bred Alaskan huskies: they are of an athletic build and are incredibly clever, playful, and lovable. All 3 of them are black and white with blue eyes. Our other male is of the malamute breed, hence, he is significantly larger in size and heavier in weight. In contrast, to our black and white pups, this one has a grey coat, but also has blue eyes. Here are their individual special characteristics:

Bailey: Adorable, smart, and has an awesome sense of humor. Our girl has a talent for lighting up the mood and thinking up something incredibly clever. She is also extremely trainable thanks to her intellect. She will have great contact with clever owners, but with a large family with kids as well: a loyal friend, and a great babysitter for your kids (although not young) while being a passionate protector for your family. Bailey is a puppy that would definitely enjoy hiking trips, and an active lifestyle: the more, the better!

Conifer: Bailey's twin brother and a great friend. He is just as clever, funny, musical and loves to be around people. He won't tolerate loneliness and would require lots of love and care. Conifer is likely to be loyal to only one family member (a trait common to all huskies). Additionally, he is very moderate, stable, and has great stamina. He would be a great partner to his owner in any kind of trip or expedition.

Shawnee: Very gentle, but definitely would adapt well in a large family, or with an owner with an active lifestyle. He is always around people he loves, and doesn't miss anything. He can be grumpy sometimes, but that just indicates how much love and care he needs to receive from his future owners. He would be a wonderful and special friend to someone who's looking for a pet that will match your emotional and physical states.

Mishka: Our special friend Mishka is half husky/half malamute. He has a grey coat, and like all other malamutes, he is bigger in size than the rest of our pups and has a thicker coat. Thanks to his size, he would be an excellent athlete and has immense stamina - he is ideal for anyone that is very active and loves to spend outdoors. Besides, Mishka is very goofy, so he always needs to get some energy out. He has a great sense of humor, musicality, and traits and talents that need to be developed!

A Husky/Malamute is a very demanding breed, not in terms of grooming however, but rather in treatment, care, training, and love. Based on our experience with these breeds, few huskies ever tolerate loneliness, because they take it as abandonment. Huskies are tough and gentle at the same time, they require a loving owner, and preferably lots of room (mostly outside) to stay active. Although, malamutes can seem more serious, they are incredibly trainable and playful. Our entire litter and dog family loves to express their musicality by singing to squeaky toys, or playing tug of war, but often times they can trick you and demonstrate their outstanding sense of humor as well. Huskies and malamutes are both great friends for kids, but they stay loyal only as long as you train them and care for them.

Our litter's dad has a champion bloodline, so an outdoor activity for our pups is a must! Currently, all litter is entirely vaccinated as of 1/11/2020, but future owners should be aware that they need a booster or second vaccine somewhere at the beginning of or mid-February. All of our pups eat healthily and are best fed cooked chicken or broth with rice and veggies, but they do also eat dog food. As full grown huskies, owners should expect for their husky pets to grow up to 20-24 inches in height, and 44-60 lbs in weight.

We treasure our litter very much, so we do hope to find very good owners for them within the next month. Please note that we do live in the Rocky Mountains, so if that is an issue, we will be happy to set a meeting place for a showing. However, we do not offer any kind of shipping for our pups. We do not have a fixed price, so we'll be happy to negotiate as long as the potential owner is willing to care and love their future pet. Thank you for your time, and I hope you'll find the time to read this description. If you are interested in our wonderful litter, please contact me @ 720.998.5983 or [email protected]. I'll look forward to hearing from you.






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Can you please upload some photos to this ad?

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