2 Sweet Guinea Pigs & Deluxe Set Up for Sale in Gilbert, Arizona (Phoenix)

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Feb 27, 2020
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These two wonderful piggies sadly need a new home. I am pregnant and not able to care for them per Doctor's orders and they are too much work for my daughter to do alone. They are almost 1 year old, both males, and very nice. The dark brown one is spunky with personality, he popcorns (hops excitedly) when you come in the room or open his food. He coos/purrs when you pet him. The multicolored one is very calm and passive, he likes to just be held and will chill with you.

We have had them for about 6 months, got them from PetSmart. They have never had any health issues. We researched thoroughly and bought them the best cage called C&C (cubes and coroplast) which gives them plenty of room to run and avoids hurting their feet with bars or soggy substrate. We got the large deluxe cage with a play loft. There is a kitchen/litter area and they are mostly litter trained, the majority of poop goes here and the scattered poop in the rest of the cage can be swept up once or twice a day. This cage does NOT come with a lid, they cannot climb out but if you have other pets/kids to worry about they need to be kept in another room (we used the office) or you can buy lids from the GuineaPigCagesStore website.

Cage is approximately 60 inches long by 30 inches wide by 30 inches tall. It is big and takes up a fair amount of room. Smaller cages are like torture for piggies and they need a decent amount of space, this does them justice and they love it.

This whole set up including the piggies and all the extras was $300 new. Charging only $125 firm as a rehoming fee for the right person/family. Guinea experience preferred.

Will include both guineas, their cage, 2 fleece cage liner sets, all accessories, and whatever food/substrate we have left over.


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2 Sweet Guinea Pigs & Deluxe Set Up for Sale in Gilbert, Arizona (Phoenix) was posted on 02-27-2020 by Crimson in the Guinea Pigs forum.
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