2 Sugar Gliders for Sale in McKinney/Dallas, Texas Area

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Mosaic ringtails- one grey and one white face
Texas - TX
**Serious inquiries only please!**

The price is negotiable for someone who can offer them a truly good home.

Two Sugar Gliders for price of ONE

White Face and Grey Face Ringtail Mosaics Males

5 week old brothers, Kiwi and Mochi, are looking for a home that will show them lots of attention and love.

They get along perfectly with each other and LOVE their exercise wheel. They love apples, spinach leaves, and many other fruits and veggies! Of course as well as their little dried fruit treats that come in almost any pet store. These loving little brothers love their homemade pouches and climbing all over their cage. (Esp. at night, being the little nocturnal critters they are!) Mochi is a very sweet and lovey dovey climbing sugar baby. While Kiwi is the very active and loves loves food!

I had them only for a short time. I work and attend college, so I don't have all the time I wish I did to give them all the attention in the world that they deserve. They are still very young so they are small and easily able to be taught little tricks and learn to stay to their new loving owner.

When adopted, I will give you their clean cage, treats, meal plan, exercise wheel, handmade pouches, and a congrats on your new sugar glider babies!

What I Spent On Them and How This is a Deal and a Half!

- I got both of them from a friend for $600
- Cage cost: $97.74
- Accessories: $30-80
- Their food is extremely cheap and affordable

If you are interested please feel free to email me! :)


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Hey. That’s is a really good deal. Are they still available??


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Hey. That’s is a really good deal. Are they still available??
Hello, grak . I had sold these guys a couple of months ago and I forgot to take this post down. Sorry!!
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