2 Red Ear Sliders for Sale in Irvine, California



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2 Red Ear Sliders needs a new home

I am moving and can not take my 2 Red Ear Slider turtles with me. I am selling the 2 turtles and full tank set up. I believe they are the same sex possibly male, they have never tried to breed.

2 Brand New Canister aquarium filters- Polar Aurora 4-Stage External Canister Filter with 9-watt Uv Sterilizer, 525 GPH with Media

new carbon media kit

100 gallon tank and stand

2 red ear sliders 2 years old (very healthy)

large canister of food enough to last 3-4 months

container of turtle treats

container of turtle worms 7 months worth

container of turtle worms 7 months worth

turtle water conditioner

turtle calcium blocks

turtle banquet food blocks for all day feeding

water cleaner

UV basking light

basking center

two tank blowers to circulate the water

one tank bubbler with two outlets for two lines of bubbles and one large stone end for amazing bubbles

python tank cleaner

rocks and shelves

length 48.5
width 18 3/4 inch
height of tank 24 in
height of base 32 inch
height of entire 55 in
The tank come off the base if you need it to


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