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Ball Pythons
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Rehoming 2 of my 7-8 month old ball pythons due to adjustments to my collection. Rehoming fee will be determined by your knowledge of the species and understanding of costs and time associated to the snake(s). Although I’m rehoming 2, I can only part with 1 set up. This will include the tank with 3 sides blacked out to help keep in the heat and minimize stress, heat lamp with nighttime bulb rather than white light to help minimize stress, water dish, 2 hides, a freshly cleaned and new substrate bedding installed and decorative clutter again to minimize stress. You will need to pick up an under tank heating pad, hygrometer/ thermometer and highly recommend looking into a CHE (ceramic heat element bulb). Males last shed was this past weekend, female not showing signs of going into shed as of yet, both eating live rat pups/ adult mice (2 each per week), female will eat frozen but the male will not. They are very good eaters. Unless in shed or extremely stressed or within the 48 hr period following eating they will not strike. (Striking is not a common occurrence, they are very much accustom to being handled frequently but I would rather provide a heads up of what in the past has made them strike) The male is the only one who has actually bitten but he was in shed and startled. My 12 year old laughed if that tells you anything about the “pain” associated with the bite lol
I’m open to any questions you many have. Pictures available upon request.


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