Rats for sale and adoption ads.

Rats have gotten a bad rap through the years, but believe it or not, Rats are highly intelligent animals. They're also extremely loyal and they make great pets. We're so used to hearing and reading terrible things about Rats that we forget how much fun they are to be around when we keep them as pets. These little guys can be tamed without much effort, are very social, and bond quite well with those who take care of them. When keeping Rats as pets, be sure to keep them in pairs that are of the same sex. Also be sure to keep them busy, as stated above, they're very intelligent creatures. They'll need mental stimulation to remain happy. Play with them often and give them toys and activities to keep them busy. A bored Rat is an unhappy Rat.

Like other small mammals, Rat's teeth continuously grow, so be sure to offer yours twigs and other things to chew on so your pet can keep those teeth in good working order. You wouldn't want them to become overgrown. When choosing the type of Rat you'd like to buy or adopt, do some research into the different varieties that are available. Some of the more popular ones include Dumbo, Hairless, Hooded, Albino, Siamese, and so many more. They also come in many colors, so be sure to look that up too.

Here are a few interesting Rat facts for you: Did you know that Rats keep their body temperatures steady through their tails? Yes, it's true. Also, did you know that a Rat actually flew into outer space? Yup, it took off from France and made it out into orbit in 1961. And finally, did you know that Rats are actually very clean and friendly animals? Yes, they're docile and fastidious, yet they've got a terrible reputation around the world. Keep one as a pet to get to know this type of animal better.

When it comes to buying and selling both adult and baby Rats online, we have what you're looking for. This is a short list of different breeds you may find on our website for sale: Standard, Hairless, Tailless, Dumbo, Rex, Satin, Marked, Manx, Fancy, and many more.