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Find Parrot birds for sale and adoption. Buy, sell, adopt and advertise here. Continue reading to learn more about Parrots, birds that come in many colors and that originate from warmer and wetter climates that what most of the world offers.

Basics: The discussion of parrots is a big topic. A lot of birds fall under this name. In general, parrots originate from places in the world that are warm; primarily rain forests, tropical islands, warm grasslands and plains, and even some dryer areas. Some parrots prefer areas of the world that have more of a chill to them. While the good majority of parrots in the world live in the wild in their natural habitats, a great many are kept as pets. And this pet keeping tradition goes back ages. Thousands of years, as a matter of fact. How many species of parrots exist? Well, at last count, there were over 350 of them with quite a few additional off-shoots of the more well known ones. Enthusiasts call these off-shoots varieties or mutations. Most of the birds listed for sale on our website are considered parrots. To make it easier to browse around, we simply gave the more popular birds their own categories. Some exceptions would be the canaries, doves, toucans, and finches. Those birds aren't considered parrots. When it comes to colors, parrots come in all types. Some birds are fairly solid with smooth gradients of just one or two colors while others sport multiple colors with distinct separation. They're actually rather striking. And within species of the same bird, the males oftentimes look completely different than the females do. If someone were to take a poll right now to discover which parrots were the most popular, they'd likely find that these are the ones purchased and owned most frequently: cockatiels, budgerigars (budgies/parakeets), African greys, conures, cockatoos, Amazons, lovebirds, and parrotlets;

Original and Native Habitat: As stated above, most species of parrots live in lands that contain rain forests, grasslands, plains, some semi-arid locales, and even some cooler climates. The countries/continents in which the parrot resides are Africa, Central America, South America, Australia and parts of Asia;

How to Feed and Care For: To be brief, parrots need a few key things to remain happy and healthy. First, they need a cage that's large enough for them to flap their wings, to play and to forage for food on the floor. The cage is one of the most important aspects of owning a parrot and it needs to meet all of the bird's needs. It also needs to be strong enough to keep the larger birds from escaping. Never underestimate a large parrot's intelligence or ability to escape its enclosure. Ideally, parrots need half a day of daylight and the other half darkness. Also, parrots need food that they can forage for and that's healthy enough to sustain them. Food that the bird needs to work at while eating is always a good thing. This includes vegetables, fruits, berries, pellets and seeds. Some parrots require more fatty food while others require less fatty food. When it comes to toys, parrots love rope to climb, perches on which to rest and toys to destroy. A parrot must be kept occupied and stimulated to remain healthy. Keep the cage clean and your bird well cared for;

Personality, Behavior and Temperament: When it comes to temperament, the behavior of all the species of parrots varies greatly. Some birds are loud and almost obnoxious while others are reserved and well behaved. It's important to note that each bird is unique in its own way, and oftentimes birds of the same species will act completely different from one another. When owning almost any species of parrot though, you'll likely find that it makes a complete mess while eating. Some owners find this amusing and charming while others don't like it at all. This is just something that's common among parrots. Parrots like to forage and dig through all the artifacts on the floor of the cage to find their food and sometimes, this makes a big mess;

Do They Talk? What Kids of Sounds Do They Make? Parrots make lots of noises. For some species, not so much, but for others, it's possible that your neighbors will actually complain about them. Parrots make a variety of sounds, from chirps to whistles to screams and screeches to speaking human words. It really all depends on which parrot you buy. If you do end up purchasing a bird that talks or screams, you'll find that it does so primarily at dawn and dusk;

Health and Disease Awareness: Parrots can suffer from a variety of ailments and diseases. This is a list of a few of them: Calcium deficiency, Avian polyomavirus, Vitamin A deficiency, Psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD), Vitamin B deficiency, Respiratory infection, Obesity, Psittacosis, Fatty liver disease, Chlamydiosis, Beak malocclusion Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD), Trauma from accidents, Aspergillosis, Feather picking, Chronic egg laying, Tumors, goiters, and other conditions related to an all-seed diet, Hemochromatosis, Mites (air-sac, scaly, feather, red), and Toe-tapping and wing-flipping muscle spasms;

Life Expectancy: Depending on species, 10-50 years and sometimes 70+;

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Parrot bird: large, small, noisy, quiet, like to forage, need cage large enough to spread wings, friendly, companionable, and high maintenance.

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