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Hypo-allergenic, Purebred, Home bred, Trained,Very Healthy
Beautiful Maltese Puppies with little baby doll faces. Silky hair, doesn't shed
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The very best Purebred Maltese Puppies.
These are my babies, babies. Mom and Dad are here with us. They are nursed for as long as possible.
They are all trained before they leave. They go on wee wee pads and can go outside. They obey commands.

I have very tiny ones and toy sizes, ranging from two and a half pounds to approximately six pounds.

They have all white, silky hair and are hypo-allergenic.
So those of you that have family members that are allergic to dogs, can now have one.
I will guaranteed you, that if you have allergic problems with dogs, that you will not with mine because they are purebred and have hair like you and me.

These home bred babies have constant care and attention 24 hours, 7 days a week with me, from the moment that I deliver them , to the time you take them home, and it doesn't end there, I will give you 24 / 7 support. Just call.

They are obedient, intelligent, very sweet and loving.
They are lap dogs so they will sit with you.
They are calm and not barky, shaky or fidgety.
They get along very well with children and other pets alike.
They are also playful and love to play tag, tug of war, chase the ball and catch.
When it's time for bed, they listen and then sleep all through the night.

All my babies are very healthy.
I never had a sick one. 100% track record.
No worms, mites, fleas, that you may find with with puppies and dogs.

I will give you the very best price for the best Maltese Puppies.

They are easy to take care of:
Feed her in the morning and give her water enough for the day.
Make sure she has a wee wee pad to go on.
Give him chew toys for teething. ( no raw hide)
and play toys that they can't eat the parts of.
Give her plenty of love and attention.

This is what you will need;
2 bowls 1 for water and 1 for food
a pillow or quilt or blanket to sleep on
wee wee pads
puppy chow
a brush (the kind you use, not a dog brush)

Now that you have your new puppy home;
Introduce him to your home and the rest of the family.
Show her where she eats, sleeps and goes wee wee and poo.
Try to not give him the run of the house.
They like to be with you, maybe the kitchen.
They like to sleep near you or a family member.
Until they are older, it's best not to let them sleep in your bed.
they may fall off.
Keep them on their regular diet of puppy chow. You may introduce new foods
one at a time.

Purebred Maltese have a very long life span. It is said 18 years, and heard 23 years.

I do not cage my dogs and puppies.
I will not ship them.

Pure bred Maltese are noble,royal dogs.
They where originally bred for emperors and royalty.
Now they can be a part of your family.

Call me 516-918-9738 or e-mail [email protected] .com
ask me any questions
and by all means, take one home today.

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