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Siberian Husky
Sully is a 17 month old male Siberian Husky. He is UTD on shots and is neutered. Sully knows basic commands but is very food driven and is willing to learn. He walks well on a leash and has experience with bicycles. His favorite thing to do in the hot months in swim. Sully will swim in any body of water available; pools, ponds, swamps. Sully has been raised with 4 young children, a cat, and a malamute whom he plays with nonstop. Eventhough he has been raised with children, I will not give him to someone with small children in the home. By no means is he aggressive with them, but he very much dislikes his personal space invaded and would prefer to be in a less chaotic environment. Sully is typical of his breed and has a high prey drive, he will chase any animal if given the chance. Apartment life is not the lilfe for him. A yard with a fence is ideal as Huskies are runners and will dart any chance they're given. Sully really is a great husky/dog in general. Rehoming him has not been an easy decision, but it is for the best because he would truly prefer to be in a home without young children. As someone who has raised multiple huskies, I would HIGHLY prefer he go to a home with breed experience, but I'm open to other options if you're willing to do research on the breed. Huskies are beautiful creatures, but they're a lot of work. These dogs require regular exercise (30+ min/day) and they shed awfully twice a year...


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