Wire Fox Terriers for Sale in Ava, Missouri Missouri 

Wire Fox Terrier
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Odd, I don't see a single thread about Wire Fox's or any other of my Favorite breeds. As entertaining as they are, you'd think somebody would be discussing them.


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Very true! I've actually read lots of great things about the Wire Fox Terrier. On this site, we generally add categories for a specific breed when there are enough threads to warrant it. I wonder why there aren't any more threads for this one. Anyway, great post. Can you please tell us a bit about this puppy you're selling?


Wires are a lot of fun. They are active, playful, and smart as can be. They can be scrappy though, and you need to protect them from their own ego's. they have no fear, and will not hesitate to take on the neighbor's rottie if the notion strikes.
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