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Hello everyone! We are Wickedrose Siberial, a small time hobby Siberian Husky breeder located on a 22 acre farm in middle Tennessee. When my fiancé and I first got together she was obsessed with Siberian Huskies and had 3 of her own. We we're both very young and I grew up with pit bulls and absolutely loved them but my idea of a beautiful dog changed instantly. We realized breeding Siberians was our passion when we had a litter between 2 of her dogs; Both of us were mesmerized by the amount of different markings, eye colors, personalities, etc. And now we've been breeding Siberian Huskies for over 4 years.

We noticed the market for Huskies mainly consisted of traditional coat, maybe some solid white Siberians. These Huskies are gorgeous but we wanted something more unique and less recognized. We found out about mostly black Siberians, agoutis, piebalds and more. After that our primary focus was to have a somewhat exotic Husky pack with the goal of being different. Our Husky kennel is built purely out of our love for the breed and their vast amount of traits.

Here is some pictures, if you'd like to see more check out our website https://wickedrosesiberial.com.
I am a web developer as well if anyone needs a website, let me know! I enjoy making Husky sites.




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Excellent bio. Really great.
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