Why Should I Upgrade My Account?


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Jul 8, 2019
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I read through your upgrade page and see a lot of reasons to upgrade my account. I'm going to do it, but I first need to decide if I want to do the yearly Pro account or the lifetime one. I know it's a money saver to do the lifetime one if I stay here forever. I will probably go with that one.

Can you please tell me the best reasons to upgrade my account? The other page was kind of long, so I'm not sure I understood everything. Short and simple reasons would be best. Thank you.


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Apr 11, 2019
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Hey CaptainDan,

That's a great question. Thanks for asking it. I know the Upgrade page is sort of long, so let me break down the finer points. These are the reasons someone might want to consider upgrading their account with PetClassifieds.US to "Pro."

1. The Featured Sticker - When you upgrade your account with us, you obtain the ability to attach the red "Featured" graphic to each of your ads. As you can see from browsing our site, ads that are featured truly stand out from the other ads. It's about getting noticed.

2. The Trusted Red Badge - As you know, lots and lots of people out there in the world post pet classified advertisements every single day. With this many people being active, it's a challenge to determine who's legitimate and who isn't. While the $19.99 or $99.99 fee isn't terribly too much money, it certainly reveals a difference between who may be trying to scam you and who is an honest seller. So, my point is, if you're selling pets or if you're a breeder, upgrading your account to Pro can put a potential buyer at ease. Just look at my picture with the red "Pro Member" badge underneath it. You know I mean business. Pro members get a badge just like that. Buyers are more likely to contact Pro sellers because they know the seller has paid the fee and dishonest people rarely do that.

3. All the Extra Features - The Pro account comes with lots of extra features, so if you would like to initiate conversations, add links to your signature and a host of other things, definitely upgrade. We're also adding additional features as time goes on, so the Pro membership is a living thing.

I hope this helps. We priced the upgrade at something we felt was affordable for the honest, yet too much of a cost for the dishonest. From the feedback we've received, we feel like we hit the nail on the head. Let me know if you need anything else.

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