What Size Fish Tank Should I Get?


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I think I've been bitten by the fish tank bug again. Since the age of 12 all the way into my 20s, I had fish tanks. I think I started out with a five gallon and then went to a ten. When my brother left for college, I took (stole) his 20 gallon wide fish tank. When I was in college (commuting to community college, still living at home), I had a 30 gallon and then after I began living on my own, I owned a 75 gallon.

I liked the 75 gallon tank. Actually, I loved that thing. The only problem was that it was huge. I always said that if I were to get into fish and tanks again, I'd go with a 55 because they're more narrow and weigh less. It's like you get all the front surface area without the bulk. But the depth that a 75 gives you is awesome. I used to love watching my fish swim deep towards the back of the tank to hide. I always felt as though that were living real lives in there, as if they were in the wild.

So my question for today is, what size fish tank would you recommend? I am totally leaning towards the 55 if I can find a good deal on one. I hear that you can pick that size tank up from PetSmart for around $150. The prices I'm seeing online are much higher. Almost to stupid levels. I'd even purchase a used one, but then I've have to find a stand as well. Or make one myself.

If you were buying a tank today, what size would you get and why?


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I used to own both a 75 gallon tank and a 55 gallon. They were both great, but I could fit a lot more plants and stuff in the 75. I also liked the depth of it. the bigger the tank, the better it looks and the more fish you can get. For me, I'd get a 75 gallon. I would do a 55 again too, but I would never go smaller than that. I've had 30 gallon tanks as well as 20 gallon ones. Way too small for a serious fish hobbyist.
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