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Jan 29, 2020
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Vizsla + Dogo Argentino Mix
$600 OBO
VIZSLA + DOGO ARGENTINO cross-breed puppies - born December 10th. Father is a vizsla, and the mother is a dogo argentino - both parents owned by us. There are 5 boys + 2 girls in the litter. Their color is dark brown with red/golden undertone and various white markings on paws, face and chest. This cross-breed is a perfect fit for an energetic, active family (who have previous experience as dog owners).

These cute fur babes are looking for their forever homes. If you'd like to come meet them with intention to bring one home around the end of February, wed love to have you.

>>> Please visit to our website to learn more:

Price is negotiable.
We are open to payment plans, as needed.
We are located in Willamina, OR.

We will be taking care of all necessary vaccinations, administer dewormers, as well as have had a full veterinary check-up. You will take home with you a blanket that will carry mom's scent for comfort, the puppy's health record (including copies of each parents' certified AKC pedigree, and a supply of food to start you out.

>>> About the Dad, Gila, a Vizsla: Gila is everything we could have ever hoped for in a family dog. He is sensitive, aware, gentle, playful and loving! He requires constant attention + affection unless its nap time, which asks us to always show up for him as our best selves. He enjoys long hikes no matter what sort of weather, a trip to the dog park, swimming in the river, showing off with the heaviest log around he can find to pick up, cuddling in bed under the covers, kissing our faces to wake us up in the morning, and is an incredible communicator.

>>> About the Mom, Kali, a Dogo Argentino: Kali is the most stable, supportive companion. She is playful and full of energy on the drop of a dime, and chill + cuddly otherwise. She LOVES children! She will go out of her way to say hi to anyone + everyone. She is perfectly content to hang out at your feet for hours as long as she gets some active time in throughout the day in increments or one big dose of 1-2 hours. She is also an extremely great communicator and SO easy to train. She loves hunting for mice and playing chase! She is strong and protective as she needs to be. Kalis love for us is easy, solid and dependable. We adore Kali endlessly and she creates the perfect balance to our farm + family.

*It is a goal to place puppies in homes where they will be loved and will become an intimate part of the family. This breed will make very poor and unhappy kennel dogs. Owners should be committed to taking care of their dog's much-needed daily exercise (after they have passed their puppyhood) as well as their physical needs. Owners need to understand a the dogs need for companionship and need to ensure that they will not be left alone for long periods of time. Owners need to be willing to give the time to train their puppy in a humane, positive manner so that they will become a well behaved, socially acceptable adult.*


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