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St. Petersburg
Florida - FL
With the passing of my pet ball python Mopani at the end of last year, I no longer have a need for all these reptile-based supplies.
Instead, I'd like to send them off to others who could use them~ ! Right now they're just taking up space I could be using for other things-- like fluffy animal supplies~ !
Only thing I'm not selling are the cages, since I do certainly have a feeling I will try again in a few years time.

All supplies listed/shown here are:
  • Bag of Forest Floor Bedding, 24 Quart
  • Bag of Reptile Prime Premium Coco Fiber Substrate, also 24 Quart
  • A bundle of fake plants to decorate enclosures
  • One Hide, I believe a Medium from ZooMed
  • One Water Dish (Forgot to photo it-will update)
  • InkBird Thermostat WITH a functioning probe attached
  • Light Stand
  • Clamp-on ceramic light (150 Watt or less)
  • Feeding Tongs​
...And some extra fuzzy animal stuff as well, cause why not~ (Corner litter pan and water bottle)

ALSO to note: All of this has been used, but everything is in good condition, AND has been cleaned thoroughly.
Knowing me I'll probably clean it all over again anyway before it goes off to yal. X'D

Asking for $45 flat for Literally Everything, but it can be bought separately as well if you want specifics~
Just ask if ya want specifics~

(A few pics for Reference-- Can't add them all X'D)


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