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I am beyond overjoyed to announce a upcoming litter that I know will make a few awesome people happy beyond their wildest dreams! A few select pups will be available out of my lines, they are the traditional working farm dog that the German Shepherd was first known for. Thick boned, broad headed, box muzzled, with deep pigment, excellent agility, health and environmental adaptability. Hands down, for the right person, the best dog ever. Please contact me at 408-234-0572. My email - send a message. Please visit my website - www.paladink9s.com . We are located in San Jose, California.

Please contact me for pricing.

I have put a tremendous amount of time into this pairing in order to bring out certain traits that I feel are invaluable to the success of a German Shepherd being able to not only preform his job, but, to also be a productive, reliable and full-time family member.

Medium energy with stable disposition
Ability to easily adapt to any changes in the enviroment
Good digestion and good appetite
Friendly, upbeat attitude and desire to please, yet, able to be on his or her own if needed.
Clean in the crate and easy to naturally crate train
Free of skin, ear, digestive allergies
Good hips, spine and no predisposition to cancer or auto-immune issues
Sturdy structure with thick bone, broad head and natural agility
Natural and instinctual guarding abilities


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