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Due to recent circumstances and the lack of funds and space, I have finally come to the hard decision that my two ferrets Peanut and Bell would do better in a home where their people can give them much more free roam time, and attention than I can now give them. So I am rehoming them with this hope in mind.
Personal/family life has been steadily sucking the life out of my savings as well as my free time, and it has gotten to the point that I can no longer give them the proper attention they need to stay healthy and happy. (Not to mention I am struggling to get their food for them every few months even with saving up.)

Peanut is a male, Bell is a female, and she is much older than Peanut. They have been together for a long time and are a bonded pair, so I will be sending them off together with ALL of their belongings; including any and all food and cleaning supplies I still have.

All together, they will come with:
  • Two Story Ferret Nation Cage (With two separate sets of cage and ramp liners)
  • Two litter pans
  • Food (Mix of Wysong Epigen 90 & Farmina Natural Grain Free Lamb and Blueberry Cat Food)
  • Litter (Equine Pine Pellets)
  • Containers for food and litter
  • ALL their current toys, beds, food/water bowls, etc (And the small tubs I keep it all in)
  • Any and all other supplies I have for them (Ferret-safe shampoo, "Pickle Juice" for nail trimming, cleaning supplies, etc)

Asking for $200 because I will be sending them off with quite literally everything I own that pertains to them.
They are pickup only, as well. I definitely won't be shipping them or any of their supplies; it's a lot!
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