Two Argentine Back & White Tegus with Enclosure


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Argentine Black & White Tegus
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We are re-homing two adult Argentine Black & White Tegus, one female and one male, with a nice enclosure. Price for all is $350. Originally purchased in summer 2013 as yearlings from Rodney Irwin at TegusOnly dot com. They are not a breeding pair. The female is a good looking specimen. The male has a regenerated tail. Both are apparently very healthy and are good eaters. They have been raised on f/t mice, ground turkey, chicken giblets and Dubia roaches. They have been handled a lot over their lives but are not as tolerant of handling as when they were younger. Enclosure is 7' long x 3' wide x 2" high, constructed from 1/2" plywood, with stain and polyurethane on exterior and two-part epoxy pond paint on interior. Four sliding tempered glass doors and piano-hinged lid. Ceiling equipped with two basking light fixtures and 4' ft fluorescent fixture for UV bulb. Includes an extra Reptisun 48" 10.0 UVB bulb new-in-package ($30 value). Does not include legs or a base - we used sawhorses. Otherwise, includes everything you see - hide, power strip, timer, water container. Will plan to sell all - both Tegus and the enclosure - together so will not be able to ship. Available for local pick-up or may be able to deliver locally in St. Louis or nearby at additional cost.


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