Tracey from South Carolina


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South Carolina - SC
Hi all,
I live just outside of Charleston SC in the town of Summerville. I have been blessed with a mini golden doodle Charlotte. Such a gentle kind girl. I was told that she would never have puppies. She had been in heat 2 times and never conceived, until she met Jake a miniature Schnauzer lol the love of her life.. now they have 8 beautiful Mini Golden Schnoodles puppies. Let me say 8 puppies take alot of care I give a shout-out to all breeders you guys work hard.
Time to find forever homes for them. Please wish me luck.


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Beautiful, sweet, gentle mini Golden Schnoodles..a bundle of love.


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hi tracey, my wife and i have a mini aussiedoodle, gracie, who’s 10 months old. we are looking for a brother for her. we live in coastal mississippi and my wife takes gracie on several walks a day and to play at the beach. please let us know if you have puppies still available.
eric & kellie


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Happy New Year 🎆
Hope your great 👍 thanks for sharing their really cute . Anyone who’s looking for puppies or puppy Nanny I’m verified and certified . Thanks 😊
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