Three Kittens for Sale in Priest River, Idaho

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Jan 10, 2020
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Hey guess I'm new to this and so I just wanted to say hi and now I have.
I have three kittens for sale they are about fifteen to sixteen wees old.(sorry I dont have photos hope my description is enough).
You can buy them seperate or together whichever you perfer. I would like to sell then for around five dollars, this is because I dont want them to end up as chew toys for dog fights. They are litterbox changed bit are not fixed.The kittens mother was calico and the father was striped so their coloring is really unique and cool.One cat is light silver grey with darker grey stripes. Another has speckles,spots,smudged and little bit of stripes. It has a multitude of colors, grey-ish, orange,tan, and brown. The third kitten is harder to describe,it is black with tabby-ish swirls. The swirls are grey and tan. Some of the swirls have stripes in in them. The swirls travel acrossed is sides and back.
All the kittens are playful and adventurous. They enjoy playing with toys and climbing. They enjoy cuddling too.
Three Kittens for Sale in Priest River, Idaho was posted on 01-10-2020 by Bobby best in the Cats & Kittens forum.

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