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We've had web properties online since 2004, so we know what we're doing with websites such as the one you're currently browsing. Believe me when I say this, there are many factors one needs to look at when deciding upon which solution one should choose to work with. While there are many free options for scripts and programs out there, those oftentimes miss the mark. Two of the most important factors we looked were longevity and support.

Since installing and setting up this forum, we've experienced nothing but pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise. The software is elegant, extraordinarily smooth and quite rich with its features and options. I actually just sent a support ticket to the software developers indicating such. Their response thanking me arrived in my email box seven minutes after I sent the ticket. Now, I'll tell you, that's attentiveness.

The forum software we're using was created by XenForo and is what I'd like to refer to as wonderful. The reason I mention this is because I want you to have the best experience as possible while browsing the content held here. If you bump into something that's unexpected, such as a bug or malfunction, please let us know immediately. If it's software related, we'll submit a support ticket to get it resolved. If it's related to something else, please still let us know. We'll hopefully find a solution for it as well.