The Best Orange Tabby Cat


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We found this cat roaming around the property where we used to live. He was a stray who fell in love with us and us him. When we saw him for the firs time, we tried to get to know him, but he was a bit shy and kept running away. After a while though, he found his way onto our laps and he slept for hours near our warm bodies. We set up a bed for him in our garage and we fed him daily. We all grew into a small family and now we have taken him in for real and he's a happy indoor cat. As a matter of fact, he sleeps with us every night in bed. He purrs and rolls around and it's a pure pleasure to see him so content. What a far cry from the day he first visited us on our property, sniffling with a head cold. He turned out to be a great pet.

I chose some photos to show off here. Some are from the early days and some are more recent. Enjoy!

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