The Best Golden Retriever Ever


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I was never really a dog guy. It took 19 years of my life to finally find one I liked and when I did, I bought him. I got my Golden Retriever from a breeder in Bethel, Connecticut for $300. The full price was $350 with the AKC paperwork, but I didn't really need that since we were going to get him fixed. For some reason, my mother really wanted that paperwork, so she paid the additional $50 to get it.

Mickles was born in 1993 and lived for 11 years before some kind of cancer took him away. We lived in lower New York, Atlanta, Georgia and upstate New York in a variety of places. He seemed to be in a good mood during all of our stays. He liked to wag his tail and chase tennis balls. Yes, tennis balls, just like all Goldens do. He was also a champion jumper when it came to cliff jumping into water. My friend and I lived near the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Georgia and this dog loved to swim and jump and explore and all that. He was a great dog. Here are a few photos of him. I sure do miss him.


He was rather young here, resting in front of a warm fire.


There were many times I had trouble getting him out of bed. I'd have to pull him onto the floor. This is what he did when he fought me from doing that.


Sometimes, we played in the snow. This was during the one and only time I experienced snow while living down south. (Atlanta, Georgia)


When he was cold, he'd curl up on the couch like this.


And sometimes he liked to sit on the kitchen counter like all good dogs do.

So that's about it. Mickles was an awesome dog and if you ever get a chance to own a Golden, treat yourself. It's a wonderful breed.
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