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We love our small Texas Standard Poodle. Mom is small chocolate brindle around 30lb and dad is apricot around 44lb. They are DNA health tested and raised in our home with love and socialized. We love our poodle because we believe they are the perfect size and fit for families. They have perfect calm temperament and think of themselves as humans. They are one of the smartest dogs in the world. Easy to train and easy to potty train, non shedding best pet hands down:) payment plans is always option. Loving home is always priority.


Standard poodles

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We have a great home. With a large 6ft fenced in backyard. We live on a island off the coast of Rhode Island. We have had Standards most of our lives. Years ago my Mother use to breed them. We just lost our last one 5yrs ago. He was 15 and my husbands passed the year after. We use to walk the ocean drive many times a day,but were down to 2x a day because my husband has become ill and I think a puppy would help him tremendously. Hope he is still available.
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