Sold Texas Heeler Puppy for Sale in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

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Texas Heeler
Date Born
May 2019
Location: City
pleasant prairie
Location: State
My name is Wrigley, mom and dad call me Wiggly Wrigley (or No!). I am a 5 month old Texas Heeler which is a sweet mix of Blue Heeler and Australian Shepherd. I moved here from Ohio a couple of months ago and so far I LOVE IT-even the trees throw things for me to catch! If I had to pick just one of my finest qualities I would say my kisses are the sloppiest! I have two sisters, one human and the other hops, I love them both equally but the 2-legged one howls a lot!
I'm a good boy, I know it because whenever I go bye-byes, everyone tells me so!
I have brought many smile to my humans but now it is my turn to be happy.
My perfect human:
*likes to get out and about (its a must)
*hates to go swimming (seriously, I only like water in bowls and never on me)
*has a big yard and tons of time to play
*shares a love for gardening
I have it pretty good here until you are ready for me but I cannot wait to start our adventure!


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