Sweetest 4 year old normal ball python

Ball python
California - CA
This is the sweetest ball python you will ever meet! He has never bitten anyone and I even let young children hold him with supervision. He was born on January 28, 2015. He has been on frozen/thawed rats all his life and he usually eats when you put the rat in his hide but sometimes he goes off eating for a month or 2. Come see this guy and you won’t regret it. Only selling because I don’t have time for him anymore.
Him himself is $50 but if you want the cage as well it is a additional $50. The wire on the cages lid became loose so we applied a little glue but it’s not too noticeable. The cage comes with a water dish also. The heat lamp is also available and it’s $15 with 2 lightbulbs already inserted as well as 2 additional ones. The day lightbulbs are 100wt and the other light is red for the night, which is also 100wt.


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