Sweet "Lily" - Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) Pure Breed Needs Stable & Loving Home...


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Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)
Adorable & Sweet describes "Lily"
She is 4.5 years young, NOT spayed, but too small to have puppies (please be advised). She's only 5 lbs. at the most!
A forever puppy! She loves people, but is shy around young kids (loud noises scare her) We prefer older children, a single person or a couple. She does get along well with other dogs however cats, we are not sure of.
She can smile, sit, shake and follows commands well, she wants to please! She will want to sleep with you & cuddle as much as possible.
Lily is strictly an INSIDE dog - but, she loves to play outside if you have a fenced area to play with her. She is potty-pad trained & responds well to gentle encouragement when learning new things. She still looks & acts like a fun & silly puppy & likes wearing cute outfits for special occasions.
She is hands down, the SWEETEST dog we have ever had! We are committed to finding her the very best, loving home & are heartbroken to have to re-home her.
If you are a responsible pet owner, caring & can be responsible for a loyal forever companion, please contact us to meet little Lily.
You MUST be committed to giving her your heart as well as your home.
Please feel free to ask questions, thank you.

* We will need to meet IN PERSON prior to any purchase, cash only accepted, local sale only - NO travel or shipping! *


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