Sweet 18 Month Female Goldendoodle in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Goldendoodle Mom

Goldendoodle Mom

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Nevada - NV
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Lovable and very spoiled female Goldendoodle 18 months.
House trained, no accidents so far. ate one flip flop, other than that not destructive even when left at home alone. Just sleeps.
Available to loving very active family only.
Loves : On leash hiking , car rides with head out the window, running with the big dogs, snuggles, cuddles , running errands , trips to home depot, off roading at the dunes, trips to the dog park, playing with kids, eating, mooching , wrestling, laying on the couch or big pillow.
Very social and loves being told how cute she is by strangers.
If you are interested send a letter ( message) why you think I would fit in with your family . UPDATE: as of 1/30 she is spoken for.

82440991_10222240074737207_2804959221651603456_n.png 82582373_10222240079977338_5051291035162902528_n.png 82846481_10222240068737057_1809559293347758080_o (2).png maggie 2.png
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Is this post where I would send you a letter :)


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Goldendoodle Mom,

Here are a few facts about my family and where we live. My husband and I have 3 children, ages 14, 13 and 10. We live in the Central Valley of California. Our family farms stone fruit (peaches, plums and nectarines) and our house is located on a 120 acre ranch.
We moved in May of 2017 and shortly after our Golden Retriever passed away, she was 14 years old. While we wanted to add a new dog to the family we knew the timing wasnt right. Our house was a new build, and there was no grass planted. We felt a yard was needed before we begin the search. While myself and my daughters love goldendoodles, we arent quite sure purchasing one from a breeder is the right route for us. Mainly cause we feel there are animals out there to be adopted--our Nikki was adopted.
Our yard was finally completed on new years eve, and we are now on the hunt for a dog.

I am stay at home mom with 3 active kids. They play soccer on saturdays and stay very active at home by riding skateboards, or driving the razor/quad around the ranch.
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