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Malti Poo
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He is so gorgeous and all the ladies love him!
He's got the cutest white chest and chin. He has
the most adorable face and short, cobby body
that everyone is looking for. I have weighed them
weekly since birth and he is charting to be 5 1/4
lb full grown. He's tiny but stalky. About us:We
have the best Home-Raised Maltipoos in the
country!(maybe I'm biased, but that's what others
tell me!) All my adults are AKC registered, and
carefully selected for health and temperament to
create the cutest and best natured puppies. They
are part of our family and NOT kept in an outdoor
facility or kennel. They take turns sleeping w our
kids. We have three kids ages 7, 10, 12 and our
puppies are raised around them since birth. All
our puppies are friendly, outgoing, and so cuddly!


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