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Dec 7, 2019
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AKC Labradors Available For Stud Service Harley is a Big yellow English and American Lab with a Huge Block Head. OFA results are Hips Good and Elbows Normal. Panel testing shows Clear for 17 genetic diseases carrier eic and longhair. Harley can produce yellow and black colored puppies. Harley's fee is $800. Jack is an American dilute black/charcoal Lab. Jack's puppies are extremely intelligent. OFA ratings are Hips Excellent and Elbows Normal. Panel testing shows Clear for all 17 genetic diseases carrier for agouti expression and 1 Protective gene for CT. Jack can produce dilute, chocolate and black colored puppies. Jack's fee is $900. Diesel's pedigree is full of Champions starting with his Grandsire CH PINES CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Diesel is a yellow English with nice confirmation, OFA Hips Good. Panel testing shows Clear for 16 genetic diseases carrier CT also 1 Protective gene for CT and agouti expression. Diesel can produce yellow and black colored puppies. His pups are playful with good personalities. Diesel's Fee is $1000. I require a current Brucellosis test for breeding. Brucellosis testing as well as A.I. (artificial insemination) are preformed by a Veterinarian. Those charges are the Dam owner's responsibility in addition to the stud fee. If you have questions or would like to come meet the boys please call 951-505-1188 ask for Robyn A live litter guarantee is available for and additional $200 per posted fee. We have puppies available during the year.


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