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100% full breed standard poodle pups.
Color : black
AKC registered: YES
Shots: YES

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100% full breed standard poodle pups.
Color : black
AKC registered: YES
Shots: YES

Welcome to HIGH STANDARD POODLE KENNEL! We breed top of the line AKC registered standard poodles with a perfected bloodline. The importance of an AKC registered pup? Is that you have proof that your dogs bloodline is pure with no mix and matches, or inbreeding. This guarantees that not only your getting purebred pup but you could also trace the parents pedigree back for 3 generations to ensure you know what you are getting.This liter is a beautiful bunch, EVEN COATS, no patches or spots. Elegant stance and poise, with the tails docked ready for agility competition and show competition OR companionship and an addition to your family. Standard poodles are the top choice for a hypoallergenic** smart, affectionate playful dog that can be EASILY trained to virtually anything!

Our pups are homed in a heated indoor kennel, fed with Merrick grain free kibble , socialized and loved from day one. born of two champion bloodlines these standard poodles are the cream of the crop. Pups will be rehomed with a clean bill of heath, shot records, papers and a weeks worth of grain free Merrick dog food.

Pups are 6 weeks old now, accepting reserve deposits as of now. email for fastest response.

Thank you, have a blessed day.
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