Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale in Upton, Kentucky


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standard poodle
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june 15 2019
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Puppies have a mind of there own when it comes to having their pictures taken. The puppies just posted were born June 15. Mom and Dad are AKC Registered. Puppies will NOT come with papers they will be re homed as pets only,but mom and dad are on sight for you to see. They are full blooded standard poodles.Price for re homing is $400. They will come to you wormed and ready for their forever homes. They will be re homed on August 10th 2019. If you believe one of these puppies are your forever friend and you would like one of them to join your family for life they would love to meet there forever family. Individual pictures of puppies posted below this post. Puppies with the pink collars are girls, and the ones with blue are boys.
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