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Aug 19, 2019
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Oklahoma - OK
We have a small 5 acre Farm in Dibble Oklahoma, we absolutely love Australian Shepherd's & Pembroke Welsh Corgi's, and we also love to bring the joy and happiness into other families lives, the same happiness that our dogs bring us each and every day. People often ask us how do let all your wonderful puppies go " I would want to keep them all "
Well the answer to that question is simple, We get to experience to excitement and happiness first hand when a family adds a puppy into their home, to meet their new Best Friend for the first time :) and to be there with them every step of the way sending them new weekly pictures and updates and watch how excited they get absolutely amazing.
Just knowing what amazing wonderful families they go to live with is so heartwarming.
Our dogs are raised around many different animals, such as Goats, Chickens, Pigs, Rabbits, Cats, so they will be very use to the farm life. As a child we fell in love with these two wonderful breeds, I showed an Aussie in 4H and loved every minute, my girl's name was Sadie and she was a Black Bi she was absolutely amazing, she excelled in everything we participated in, Obedience, Agility and Showmanship. I was definitely hooked on the Breed.
My Husband has always had Corgi's and loved the breed so we compromised and got both.

We DO NOT cross breed the two, we feel they are perfect just the way they are and no need to change, Only Improvement help breed out genetic defects and bad traits. We hold ourselves responsible for each and every puppy we help produce for the dogs whole life to help ensure he or she will never end up in a shelter, and unloved.
We have done an endless amount of research to help ensure great genetics and temperaments are passed down to our puppies. They have big hearts, great minds, and such will to please.
So Much love and time goes into our pups so your new baby will be apart of your family for years to come!
They will be pre-spoiled, very well socialized every single day we have them, and are around kids daily.
They are a wiggling bundle of puppy kisses ready to fit right into your home.

We have been introduced to Puppy Culture and look forward to seeing Results in puppy behavior

405-213-5125 Johnathan Lewis [email protected]
405-306-1552 Anna Lewis [email protected]
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