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Doberman/Chinese Shar Pei/Staffordshire
Aloha! We have 8 week old puppies that are looking for new homes! Born October 2. Mother is a Doberman & Chinese Shar Pei, while Father is a Staffordshire. Please see the last four pictures of parents. Mom weighs 55 pounds and dad weighs 65 pounds. Mom was given Oxy Mate prenatal formula to make sure babies all came out healthy. Once puppies were born, mother of pups were also given Oxy Momma to ensure she produced enough milk, so pups stayed healthy. I also did not want my girl to stress over not producing enough milk, we try to care for all of our animals as much as we can under any circumstance. We did not intend for my girl to get pregnant and tried to take extra precautions. During a visit to my parents house, their dog (the staffordshire) got loose from his kennel and ran into the house where my girl was.

Puppies are all very playful and active! Doberman is the fifth smartest breed in the world! They are forming their personalities with each day and keep showing just how smart they are! Pups will be medium/large size, girls will be on the medium side (shar pei girls tend to stay smaller than the boys). 3 black puppies and 4 brown pups. All have white markings on their chest, most on the chin and on random toes/feet.

Babies are completely healthy with no birth defects and have had their first exam on November 29. During this visit, babies also got their first vaccines. (I have the paperwork as proof for each pup.) Puppies have also been dewormed since they were 5 weeks old, and once a week since then. *Red collar girl; I like to call her Scarface :) She was born with a big birthmark down her face. When she was born we thought it was a white mark, although as she got older we noticed that hair just doesn't grow there. Vet inspected and stated hair will never grow there.*

Puppies have been eating raw food with milk replacement/goats milk since they were 4 weeks old. Once they were 6 weeks old, they have been eating only raw food. *We are asking that the new owners keep pups on a raw fed diet. (We reccomend 808 Raw Pet Food.) You may also make them by scratch if you prefer, we just do not have the time to do so anymore. If you are not familiar with a raw fed diet for dogs, please do research on the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Diet. Or you can always ask me :)

Rehoming fee applies, this fee is to cover all the care that babies have received since birth. They have been well taken cared of and have no fleas or ticks. Their weight ranges from smallest pup at 2 pounds to largest pup at 5 pounds. Nexguard can be given at 4 pounds, so we held off on any flea/tick medicine, but again they don't have any :) They are dewormed with their first set of vaccines (parvo & distemper).

Please let me know if you are interested in providing one of these pups with a FOREVER home! Each pup has their own collar in the pictures (these are breakaway collars to ensure they do not choke eachother on accident, so they are not meant to be worn with a leash). Message me for all pictures as I can only upload 4 to this posting.

We look forward to speaking with you! Mahalo nui!


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