Special Needs Goldendoodle Puppy in Need of a Forever Home

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I have one female goldendoodle left from a litter of 5, unfortunately this little girl is going to need some more special care then most! We had a loud heart murmur at our very first vet visit, and by our second it had not faded or gone away! At this point we are leaning towards a congenital heart condition called PDA. She will need an echocardiogram as soon as possible to be sure though. Surgery or medication may be needed depending on the outcome of the echo. It is important that this be done as quickly as possible to reduce risk of CHF (complete heart failure) and improve her life expectancy. This was all unforseen and I'm currently unable to take her on due to my other 3 dogs. Her parents are two of them, a goldendoodle mom (MaryJane) and golden retriever dad (Jackson)! She is 11 weeks old now, and has had 2 round of shots and been dewormed. She's been around other dogs, cats, and introduced to small children as well. Although she was from an accidental litter, she has been raised her in my home with lots of love and care and I hope I can find her a perfect home, Thank you!


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