Snuggly French Bulldog Mix Needs a Good Home!



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Frenchie + English mix
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Sep 2015
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New York
Writing this ad breaks my heart, but I have to sell my dog. His name is Cash. He is 50% French Bulldog, 37% English bulldog, and 13% American bulldog.
He is almost 4 years old. I originally got him in Honolulu, HI when I lived there. I now live in Brooklyn. He is the most cuddly dog, so loving towards people. He is aggressive towards other dogs and has to be the only pet in the home! I cannot stress this enough, no cats or even rodents.
I treat him very well, he eats fresh dog food via The Farmers Dog. He takes a few walks a day, but is generally lower energy. He is great with kids and even loves babies. He loves loves loves cuddling and snuggling and sleeping. He has an amazing personality, is so funny and playful, and but ultimately, just such a sweet heart and you will fall in love with him fast. Unfortunately, I can't afford a trainer him to be better around other dogs, and I really do want the best life him.
Sex: Neutered male
Color: Brindle
Weight: 27lbs
Age: 4 years
Health: great
If you feel you like you could open up your heart to this amazing guy, send me a message


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