Smart Kittens (5-8 Weeks Old) - Jacksonville, Florida - Affordable!


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Florida - FL

:cool: Small & Smart Tuxedo Kittens. Birth date: 8/22/2019. (3) Available. (2) Female (1) Male.
😻 Adoption fee is just $25.00.

⭐ Animals have unique personalities. Every now and then you will stumble across an animal with a high level of intelligence and awareness.
The father of the kittens is highly intelligent and understands as well as any dog. I've been around alot of cats but none as smart as him!
⭐ The kittens are already learning at a rapid rate. Both parents have been teaching the kittens. The mother is also very aware and learns at a high rate.
⭐ The kittens are Black and White. One female has white on her face and the other two are mostly Black.
⭐ I work form Home so I am available all hours of the day. Please contact us if you are interested.
⭐ The parents are indoor cats and are well taken care of. The Babies are healthy and have no fleas or issues of any kind.
⭐ The Babies are just weaning off their mothers milk and are looking for some attention. It's the perfect time to adopt an intelligent kitten!
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