Siamese Cats for Adoption in Somerset, Kentucky



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September 1, 2016
200 for both
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We are rehoming a female blue point, Muffin, and a male seal point, Morris. Both are 3 yrs old, are spayed and neutered, have had their shots, and are in good health. They have their claws and are used to getting them trimmed. Please do not reply if you intend on having them declawed. They have both been with my mother since they were babies. While my mom loves them dearly, she’s elderly and her declining health makes it very difficult for her to care for themB36B35A6-9007-451C-9B30-B8E7E00C33A6.jpeg28DD1919-FB40-425C-98AC-28C3574FFCA6.jpegDBB7C0B6-859F-4868-9682-B68791A16C96.jpeg9E7EE324-5C25-43F6-87D0-77C94E32B515.jpeg. She’d like to see them stay together. They’re both very loving lap cats. They’ve never met a dog and have not been around children on a daily basis, but I’m sure they’d adjust to both. They’re not skittish with people. We’re asking $200 for them both. If interested, send an email to [email protected] or a text to 606-307-7654. If you call, leave a message and I’ll return as soon as I can.
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