Scottish Fold Kittens Available!

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Scottish Fold
1,000 - 1,300
San Francisco Bay Area
California - CA
We have 3 Scottish Fold Kittens available.

1 Brown Tabby - Straight Ear (Male) $999.00
1 Silver Tabby - Folded Ear (Male) $1,100
1 Gold Shaded Chinchilla - Straight Ear (Female) $999.00

They are ready to go to their new homes. We are in the San Francisco Bay Area, but can also ship anywhere in the US for an additional cost, which is roughly $500-$600 (this includes airfare, carrier, health certificate and vaccines required by your state).

If you are interested, please send us an email at [email protected], letting us know a little bit about yourself, whether you have experience with cats, pets, etc.

We accept cash or credit card through Venmo or PayPal.


  • Silver Folded Tabby Male.jpg
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  • Gold Shaded Chinchilla Female.jpg
    Gold Shaded Chinchilla Female.jpg
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  • Brown Tabby Silver Folded Tabby Gold Shaded Chinchilla.jpg
    Brown Tabby Silver Folded Tabby Gold Shaded Chinchilla.jpg
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  • Brown Tabby Male.jpg
    Brown Tabby Male.jpg
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