Russian Blue & Siberian Forest Cats for Sale in Prentice, Wisconsin

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Russian Blue and Siberian Forest Cat
Wisconsin - WI
Two Hypoallergenic Russian Blue and Siberian Forest Cats

2 hypoallergenic neuter male cats for sale along with all their equipment. I have cat allergies, but have had no problems with these in the house. We're retired, not well, and undergo hospitalization and surgeries frequently We don't need the responsibility of taking care of pets anymore.

Dante ~ Russian Blue DOB: 3-20-2014
Darby ~ Siberian Forest Cat: 9-5-2013

Both cats come with the paperwork to have them registered if you choose to. Dante's ID #031743-A; Darby's ID #074321-E

These two boys have been together all of their lives, and must go together to the same home.
Dante is afraid of small children and strangers. Darby is afraid of dogs. Neither of them likes other cats.
They live in the house, but go outside in decent weather for a few daylight hours. Our home is on a gravel country road, and the house is an acre back from the road, so we feel they're fairly safe outside during the day.

Dante, especially, needs outdoor time. He is the consummate hunter. He gets bored in the house. He loves attention and petting, and wants to be near you, but he doesn't like to be held.

Darby loves attention, loves being held and petted, and he thinks when he's happy he should nibble on you to show his affection. He follows us everywhere outside. He's a good mouser, but not as active as Dante. He loves to sleep away most of the day and night.

List of equipment and supplies that go with the cats:

3 bed cat tree/scratching post
cat hammock/scratching posts
2 level sleep cave
2 window mount beds
litter box, scoop, and litter
food dishes
dry and canned food
water bowl
slicker brush
collapsible 3-chute tunnel
various health aids (wormer/earmite med/flea control etc)
2 pet carriers
wide cat scratcher with catnip
2 level catnip hurricane cat toy
2 play and treat balls
wobble ball
interactive mouse play toy with scratch pad
food tree
doorway mouse on an elastic string


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