Rescue Dog for Adoption in Augusta, Georgia


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Hi I have a rescue and I want to make sure she goes to a great home!!!!

My Fiancee found her its a puppy and my daughter named her Lola-Minnie but we only call her Lola. Shes been with us about a month and we just dont have the time for her right now. Between work, school, and after school activities she dont get much of our time and I feel so bad. She listens really well! She sits, she lays down, and she even waits to be told to eat! Shes a great dog and we arent sure of her breed. She all white her paws are huge! Were sure she's a puppy but not the exact kind of dog. She needs a good loving home, shes an inside dog but she loves the outside! She loves to run and fetch! That is actually her favorite thing to do! She loves her dog food and she even loves bananas!


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