Rehoming Two Australian Shepherds in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Rehoming 2 Aussies must stay together

Due to unforeseen family health issues, we are having to move out of state and in doing so we are not able to bring Doofy and Rhea with us. They are around 9/10 years old, we rescued them from a not so ideal living situation about 2 years ago. They were living in a home by themselves with someone only stopping by 2x a day to feed them and possibly take them for a walk. They are up to date on vaccinations, rabies vacc. is due in February 2020. They are in perfect health and still have a quite a bit of energy. They absolutely love going for walks. Both have been around kids although I do feel as though they would thrive with children above the age of 5. Rhea ( the smaller one on the left) sleeps with my 10 yr old at the foot of her bed every night. Doofy loves just about anyone who can give him a good scratch behind the ear. They are litter mates and have been together their whole lives. That being said I will NOT separate them. They must stay together. They are currently on Taste of the Wild for food, Rhea can be a bit picky and sensitive when it comes to her food and so far this is the only brand we are able to get her to actually eat every meal. Doof could care less as long as it's food. We are trying to find the right home for them before the holidays this year. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask. We are asking a small rehoming fee to ensure they are going to a good home. However, it is negotiable, I would rather the money be spent providing for them than on them.


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