Rehoming Great Dane & Poodle Mix Puppy

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Dec 8, 2019
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Great Dane Poodle Mix
Black and White Male – Great Dane and Poodle Mix

This beautiful and playful 80 pound puppy is about a year old and still has about a year of growth left. He's currently about 30 inches tall to the shoulder and 36 inches tall to the top of his head, and is roughly about four feet long, not including the tail.

He wandered up to my house with no collar, very badly matted and locked fur, covered in ticks, fleas, and hundreds of burrs in the middle of November.

He's really good around people, small children, other dogs; he's good around cats but wants to play with them as if they were another dog and I strongly recommend supervision around indoor cats, at least in the beginning. Like many dogs, he'll chase anything that runs. He's too big for any of my crates so I don't know if he's crate trained, and he hasn't been left alone, as he's still very much a puppy.

He's potty trained and loves to play with toys. He's kind of an easy going, couch potato who demands lots of love and requires lots of grooming, and whom still needs training, although, he doesn't seem to shed at all. He likes to swim and chase birds such as duck and turkey.

He's been dewormed, bathed, and groomed, but needs his shots and neuter. He eats about fifty ounces of dry kibble a day, which is why I am looking for a home for him, otherwise I would keep him but I can't afford him. If you're serious about caring for this large pup, then you won't mind me dropping by to see how he's doing from time to time. He comes with a collar but will need a very strong leash. I'm asking a small rehoming fee.

If you're serious and have room in your life for this adorable but large puppy then give me a call. sixone7nine7onesix77two


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