Rednose Pitbull/American Bulldog Mix Dog for Adoption Near Cleveland


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Bruno is a 2 year old Rednose Pit/ American Bulldog Mix. HE weighs about 85 lbs and is up to date on shots.I have all the paperwork for him. He was also fixed before we got him. He knows all basic commands and is potty trained. I have a Large metal crate that he goes in at night and when we leave the house. Has been around other dogs but for know he is the only dog so it will take time to adjust to other dogs. Doesn't bother the cat at all either. He is really good around people and kids. Bruno is extremely strong and is kind of a jumper when he gets excited. We are asking for a re-homing fee. Please contact Joshua for details at 330-382-3628

.IMG_0977.JPG IMG_E0722.JPG IMG_E0792.JPG
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